Benefits of High Efficiency Motors

Benefits of High Efficiency Motors

High efficiency motors are best solution for cost and electricity savings

The ability to move efficiently is a very valuable quality in almost any situation (and longevity of a system). 

Whether it’s the engine on a commercial jet or the most effective pool pump motor at your house, it’s crucial for a number of reasons to make sure the motor is operating properly and at a high efficiency output.

Approximately 45% of the total amount of electric energy consumed, according to some research, comes from electric motors. 

The share related to motors increases to about two thirds if we concentrate the analysis on one of the industrial sectors that consumes the most energy. Find High Efficiency Motors here.

High Efficiency Motors and Cost benefit

The operating costs of a motor-driven device should be taken into much greater account when purchasing it. 

It is a false economy to merely compare purchase prices and to ignore the significant financial benefit of lower lifetime costs. 

Any money saved by forgoing the most high efficiency motor and control system could be lost many, many times over in the extra energy the system would need while it is in operation.

The energy cost of a motor-driven system will be high in comparison to its purchase price, whether it is used for pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, ventilation, refrigeration, fluid handling, or cooling.

The energy cost of a system is rarely stated or requested, despite the fact that the capital budget frequently receives close inspection and the purchase cost is an important consideration in the decision-making process.

High Efficiency Motors and less Fuel Consumption

When you purchase a new car, the fuel consumption statistics are frequently utilized as a marketing tactic to aid in the sale of the vehicle by being referenced on advertising and promotional materials. 

Even if many owners wouldn’t keep the car that long, a typical saloon car’s fuel costs over ten years would only equal 20% of the original purchase price. 

Even though miles per gallon are still taken into consideration, the initial purchase is a crucial aspect.

Given that many of the machines still in use are outdated, it is obvious that switching to new, more efficient motors would have significant positive effects on resource exploitation, the environment, manufacturing costs, and competitiveness.

High efficiency motor utilization can result in significant reductions in cost and energy consumption. 

There are other different aspects that must be taken into account, such as the different material quality and increased upfront expenses. 

Here where Epoch Automation shines with its varieties of products.

High Efficiency Motors by Epoch Automation

For starters, we provide high efficiency motors that typically consume less gasoline, regardless of the fuel source or type used. 

When a motor uses less fuel or electricity, as is the case with many smaller motors, its owner or operator ends up with a lower overall consumption and thus lower long-term energy costs.

Epoch Automation is pleased to offer a sizable selection of high efficiency motors that can be applied in a variety of fields and situations.

The advantages that Epoch’s products provide to their customers include:

  • Versatility – Due to their extreme adaptability, our electric motors can be utilized for a wide range of tasks.
  • Durability – To ensure that each piece of equipment performs to a high standard of quality assurance, Epoch’s goods are made with premium materials and put through a battery of tests and analyses before being sent to our clients.
  • Superior Design– Our engineering team has completely embraced the SPC and Six Sigma methodology of practice, ensuring that every product exceeds the expectations and wants of the consumer.
  • Customisable – Epoch is pleased to provide our customers with customizable solutions. In order to ensure that our services and products meet and even surpass our clients’ expectations, we feel it is important to fully comprehend their needs.

Drawbacks of Standard-Efficiency motors

Compared to their standard-efficiency counterparts, high efficiency motors often operate a little more quickly. 

This modest increase in speed will need a huge increase in motor output horsepower when used with centrifugal loads, where the load horsepower changes by the cube of the speed. 

As a result, the motor will use more power and lose some or all of its energy-saving benefits. Variable-pitch sheaves can be used in belt-driven systems to compensate for this increase in motor speed and return the fan or pump to the desired speed. 

In order to guarantee energy-saving gains, direct-drive loads often require significant engineering analysis.

The locked-rotor (stalled) current drawn by high efficiency motors is likewise higher. Typically, suitably rated heater elements need to be examined in installations using thermally protected motor starters.

High Efficiency of Inverted submersible Pump

Epoch Automation’s most significant and Outstanding product is inverted submersible pump which can be a boon to the farmers as it is highly efficient and gives zero head. 

It can save consumption of electricity thus providing overall sustainability to the users.

These pumps can also be used as high rise building water supply.We provide a complete water supply system for residential and commercial high rise buildings. 

Fully automated system operation eliminates the need for a human operator. The control panel makes use of AC drives, PLCs, HMIs, etc. The system also conserves electricity.

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