About Epoch

A leading manufacturer of Innovative and Energy efficient products like Asynchronous Servo Motors, Synchronous Reluctance Servo Motors, IE4 efficient Line start Synchronous Reluctance Motors and PM Servo Motors.

We are a leading solution provider for industry automation requirements using products like AC Drives, PLC, HMI, Servo Motors and Drives, and Controllers. We provide a complete solution for a cut to length machines, Liquid filling pouch machines, web converting machines etc.

We manufacture Innovative Submersible Pumps at our sister concern AVANTICA pumps. We Manufacture V4 and V6 submersible pumps which are designed to lift water till bottom of the sump.

We manufacture super premium efficient submersible motors using permanent magnets. We also provide pressurised water supply system for High rise buildings using AC Drive, PLC, HMI, and pressure sensor.

Epoch is a value-driven organization focusing on Energy efficiency, product reliability, and Innovative technology working towards the ultimate core focus of maximizing customers satisfaction worldwide.


Established in the year 2009, Epoch Automation Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as an innovative and competent name amongst OEM using our industrial automation products. An energy efficiency is an idea that drives us all at Epoch.

In 2019  we were granted patent no. 309787  for HIGH EFFICIENCY AND ENERGY CONSERVING SYSTEM. Based on same we started manufacturing Synchronous Reluctance Servo motors, IE4 Efficient Line Start Synchronous Reluctanmce Motors and Asynchronous Servo Motors.

In 2019 we also started manufacturing Submersible Pump sets of Water filled and Oil filles types. We also manufacture Super efficient oil filled submersible pump using Permanent magnets. We also attempted to manufacture Synchronous Reluctance Submersible pump and further Improvement in design are in process. 

Recently we developed Inverted Submersible pumps which is ideal product for High Rise Building Water Supply System.


To establish as a leader in the field of Industrial Automation, Efficient motors and submersible pump sets by Innovative Technologies.


To establish as a company providing products and services to customers beyond their satisfaction.

Core Purpose

Epoch Automation Pvt. Ltd. is continuously committed to manufacture and research and develop products having highest energy efficiency and reliability. We also strive to ensure that our products have the least lifecycle cost, offer highest output and have long durability. The ultimate objective is to achieve customer satisfaction beyond expectation.

Core Values

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We believe in creating a workplace in which each employee can contribute skills, talents and ideas to a never-ending process of improvement and learning in every aspects of our business. We incessantly back them with training and encourage them to think out of the box.
Continuous Innovation & Learning
The only thing which can differentiate us from others is our own technology. We are the technical leaders in our segment and have always stayed a step ahead than our competitors. We have the most sophisticated, ultra-modern world class process technologies and are always open to acquire new technical ideas.
Pioneering technology
Our core objective is to maximize our customer base. So anything below the highest levels of satisfaction is totally unacceptable for us. We value our customers as our precious asset and any addition to this ever-growing base is only an encouraging sign.
Highest level of customer satisfaction
We always display highest level of integrity, reliability and honesty at all of our business operations and executions. We respect each and every individual and their views, ideas, thoughts and beliefs.
Honesty, Integrity & Respect to the individual


Mr. Bharat P. Makwana

BE(Electrical), Mtech (IIT Mumbai)

More than 25 Years of Motor Design experience. He was key person to develop Synchronous Reluctance Motors and Line Start Synchronous Reluctance motors

Mr. Jitesh B Makwana

Managing Director
BE(Electrical), MBA(Finance)

More than 10 years experience of providing Automation solutions to our clients which gave them upper edge compaired to their competotors.