We are Manufacturer & Supplier of High quality AC Servo System. Our product range also comprises of Motors, Motion Controllers and AC Motor Drives.

Product Features:

  • Fast Response & Shortened Positioning

  • Full Close Control with Linear Scale

  • Accurate & Quick Positioning, 1 KHz of
    Velocity Response Frequency

  • 2500 PPR Incremental Encoder & 20 bit Absolute /Incremental Encoder

  • User Selective Position / Speed / Torque Control with Combination

  • Machine Vibration Suppression Function is built in the driver

  • Dynamic Brake & Regenerative discharge
    Resistor built-in the Driver

  • Real time Auto Tuning Mode & Normal Auto Tuning Mode

  • Built-in Motion Controller Eliminates External Controller in Selected Models

  • 2 MPPS of High Speed Pulse Input as a Time Standard Feature

  • Built – in Acceleration & Deceleration Ramps

  • Built – in Home position / Origin Search feature

  • Analog Speed /Torque Input Command

  • Electronic cam (E-Cam) Function in
    Selected Model

  • Ether CAT or CAN open or DMC NET or Modu bus Communication Selectable