Inverted Submersible Pumps


First time in INDIA We have developed an Inverted Submersible pumps which replaces Horizontal open well Submersible Pumps. It is designed to utilize water up to bottom of pump and develop head ,as system required pump is designed for high efficiency leading to saving in power bill.

First time in INDIA, Epoch developed unique product INVERTED SUBMERSIBLE PUMP
Which have following outstanding features. 

  1. Fully SS pump set suitable for drinking water application.
  2. Pump is designed to give Head from 25 meter to 100 meter and is idle for High rise buildings.
  3. Pump set os designed to utilise water till bottom of sump.
  4. Pump is designed to give more discharge.
  5. Pump set is designed to give better efficiency leading to saving in power bill.
  6. Pump set is designed for better reliability and long operating life.
  7. Pump set is available for following ratings
    0.5 HP to 3 HP for 1-Phase and 3-Phase power supply
    3 HP to 10 HP for 3-Phase power supply.