We offer our clients “DELTA” and ” EPOCH” made AC Motor drives which are manufactured using the best technology in compliance with the set international standards.

AC drives are widely used because they have a great power-to-weight ratio, which is ideal for running a machine in a limited space in an industrial setting. Moreover, because of the three-phase electrical power setting, AC drives are often used in industries that require high functioning speeds.

High Performance (Low Noise)

  • Range: 1-Phase, 220 V : 0.25 H.P. to 3.0H.P.
  • 3-Phase, 415 V: 0.5 H.P. to 800 H.P.
  • VF/ Control, Senseless Vector Control, Flux Vector Control, Torque Control mode
  • Output Frequency 0.01~400 Hz, (0.1~3000 Hz in high Frequency Model)
  • 200% Torque at ZeroSpeed, in fluxVector PG Control
  • Automatic Torque Boost & Slip Compensation
  • Encoder Feedback & PID Feedback Control
  • Inbuilt PLC Function with expandable l/O
  • Multi-Step Speed Control Built-in
  • Auto Tuning, for Motor Parameters in Vector Control M o d e
  • Optional Communication Module :
  • Canopen, Device Net, Profi bus, Mod bus &Ethernet
  • Select Model can also be used for both Induction Motor as well as Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor
  • Built-in EMI filter & DC Choke in select Model
  • Moduler design for Easy Maintenance & Optional Extensions
  • Complies with global safety standards, includes CE, UL & c UL etc…
  • Wide range of models to meet different Applications / Requirements.